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See How 7 Bus & Coach Companies Are Killing It on Instagram


Did you know that Instagram currently has over 1 billion monthly active accounts? Of those, 60% are accessed daily, often more. It’s not just looking at pretty pictures either, 75% of users perform an action, such as a website visit, after seeing a brand’s post.

Why are we telling you this?

Well, mainly because you can use Instagram to build brand awareness and get more eyes on your bus or coach organization.

Let’s dive in and take a look at how seven companies are succeeding on the social media platform.

7 Bus and Coach Companies Dominating Instagram And Why

1. FlixBus – Use Highly Visual Content

It’s all about the imagery and content on Instagram, and FlixBus has got this right. From images of brightly coloured parades to eye-catching cityscapes, outstanding architecture to dreamy blue waters – their account has it all.

By posting consistently high-quality imagery, the bus company has earned a large following of 101k users. Not only that, the content also sees a lot of engagement in terms of likes and comments. This is a desirable metric to track on the platform, as it means that FlixBus is generating brand awareness and inspiring their followers to take action.


2. Megabus – Created a Viral Hashtag

Take a look at the Megabus hashtag #megabus – it’s been tagged over 71k times. Safe to say that, based on the popularity of the tag, the company has firmly established its brand name.

Not only does a viral hashtag give the business visibility on the platform, but it also indicates that people view the brand as one they trust. You see, when travellers use the hashtag, they are invariably giving Megabus the metaphorical thumbs up by willingly associating themselves with it.

That’s social proof for the transit company – one of the most desirable forms of advertising which companies look to generate.


3. Dublin Bus – Incorporates User Generated Content

Dublin Bus has figured out an easy way to keep refreshing the posts on their profile by regramming user-generated content! How is that useful on Instagram? Well, hypothetically speaking, there are potentially two benefits a transit business can take from this.

Firstly, to keep engagement levels high and followers interested, you need to be active on the platform. Of course, this brings up the matter of generating the content which requires the capacity to do so. Using your passengers/avid fans tagged and Instagram optimized images (with their permission) helps to solve this.

This brings us to our next point. People enjoy recognition, and if you regram content created by your biggest fans, they’re going to let their friends know about it. What this does is put you in front of a wider audience.


4. Greyhound – Leverages Media Influencers

Another idea to get eyes on your content is to leverage the reach of media influencers.

Greyhound roped in comedians the Lucas Brothers to produce a series of promotional videos for the coach company’s Instagram profile and hashtag #affordtotravel. They also raised media exposure when Travis Pastrana set a new world record and jumped 16 Greyhound buses on his motorbike, breaking broke Evel Knievel’s previous record of 14.

The result for Greyhound – tonnes of engagement with the content. Of course, not all budgets are on par with the coach liner, but connecting with an influencer who has access to an audience your transit business would appeal to is entirely possible.


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5. National Express – Created A Face For Their Brand

Browse coach operator National Express’s Instagram profile, and you’ll bump into Ben a few times. Ben provides humorous and unusual travel tips for locations in Great Britain which their buses station at.

Through him, National Express have given themselves a voice and brand identity. This has helped them to highlight their values and let people know what they are all about as a business.

The result for the coach operator is a healthy number of followers, active post engagement, and a recognized hashtag.


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6. Baz Bus – Use Instagram Story Highlights

To date, Instagram stories have been one of the platform’s most popular feature additions. Since the feature’s introduction in 2016, the number of stories users has increased five-fold. Today, 500 million accounts access stories daily.

Story highlights are snippets which can be taken from Instagram stories, and posted permanently on your profile. They are forefront on your account page and are particularly effective when used as travel guides, FAQs, or amenity highlights to give passengers more insight into your bus company.

Baz Bus does this for several of their destinations, and the result is a visually inspiring profile which gives passengers more insight than can be taken from still photos alone.


7. ETN Turistar – Consistent Engagement With Their Followers

Taking the time to engage with your followers on Instagram posts lets them know that you value them.

Mexico based ETN Turistar regularly engages with people on their posts and reading through the comments, you can see they often thank people for their comments, encourage them to explore, ask their opinions, etc.

Being responsive provides their followers with a personal experience, and shows that they are ready to provide information should anyone need it.

ETN-Turistar Instagram profile

It goes without saying that travel experiences are better shared, and considering its social nature, Instagram is a great place to build a relationship with your followers just as these bus companies have done. Why not give these strategies a try in your own social media marketing plan?

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