“Betterez is an HR Unicorn”

So says one of Betterez’ recent hires. What did he mean by this? When asked, this Betterez team member noted how many daily opportunities he has to work in new and challenging areas beyond perhaps his years of experience. Thus, the HR or career development “unicornish” aspect of Betterez is the daily skill set and capability growth that our team members experience, helping them grow professionally and personally.

This aspect of Betterez also applies to our Software Engineering team led by Vice President, Development Mr. Hernan Garcia. We’ve recently posted that Betterez is hiring and will be hiring throughout 2022 for our Mexico & Latin America-based Software Engineering team. So, how does this career development DNA show up in our Engineering team?

Here’s how we operate:

  • Fully remote, distributed, and multidisciplinary team with lots of flexibility.
  • Write code for your business case as well as both unit and integration tests that are built on a CI server and deployed automatically into a staging environment with every push.
  • Common tasks, as well as boilerplate code, are generated with our CLI tool allowing you to concentrate on solving real problems.
  • You will work on a team that values paying back technical debt and refactoring often when found. Utilize the Scout rule, leave the code better than you found it.
  • Participate in daily standups to remove blocks and receive feedback from others.
  • Part of our culture is daily communication on Slack or video conference with any member of Engineering to solve problems, bounce ideas, or just chat.
  • While we like to standardize solutions, architecture, and tooling like build systems, such as linter, we are never afraid of trying new ideas. 

We believe another rewarding aspect for a Software Engineer in our MEX/LATAM region is the ability to make a tangible difference in the autobus industry, a critical mode of transport for families, employees, and visiting tourists. 

The Betterez SaaS is well versed in providing the LATAM autobus industry with key requirements in sales and inventory management. 

We are fortunate to count industry leaders like Mobility ADO and Grupo Senda as customers. Your code will directly help this important regional industry!

We invite you to check out our latest Software Engineer job description here.

We hope to hear from you soon and see you building the next latest platform component or API-connected application that advances technology in travel!