Travel Blog Post Ideas For Bus and Train Companies To Sell More Tickets

Did you know that content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search advertising? There is no question that in this digital age an important element of marketing your bus or rail business is to create amazing content to share.

Through sharing thought-inspiring content online, you can generate click-throughs to your website. This, in turn, can increase conversion rates and result in ticket sales, as well as help to build up your brand’s image.

In order to truly create a strong online presence for your ground travel company, it is important to post content frequently. We have put together some travel blog post ideas to help you generate shareworthy and compelling content that will improve SEO and draw traffic to your website.

Travel Blog Post Ideas To Help You Sell More Tickets

1. Create A Blog Post To Answer Common FAQ’s

If you notice a common recurring theme with potential passengers frequently contacting you to ask a specific question relating to your ticket offering, consider writing a blog post to address this.

For example, if your bus company offers a tour across Route 62 and you frequently receive questions asking for more in-depth information regarding the stopovers, writing a detailed blog post titled The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Route 62 By Bus: Stopovers and Scenery is sure to attract some attention.

Answer FAQs

2. Collate Passenger Feedback To Create An Insights Post

On your social platforms, set up a poll or ask your audience an interesting question related to one of your popular tours or routes. State that you are going to use the responses to create a blog post of insights, and then compile the answers you receive into an interesting blog post as seen through passenger’s eyes.

Ideas here could be to ask opinions about a route you serve – is it better to hike, drive, bus, or ride the Flamsbana line down to magical Flam? Collate the responses you receive, and structure an interesting blog post quoting them.

3. Enlighten Minds Through ‘How To’ Posts

When people travel it is to see a new place, take in new sights, meet new people, try new food, or experience something that is out of their norm. It takes them on a journey of discovery.

Part of the discovery is doing a bit of research beforehand so as not to be completely clueless along the way. You can provide some travel insights in a blog post to take out some of the guesswork involved.

For example, a coach operator offering a multiday, cross country tour could pen a post on How To See The Best Of (country/state name) Without Renting A Car. Or for a rail tour, How To Cross (country name) In 10 Days: A Journey To Remember.

4. Put Together Travel Inspiration Lists

Travel and discovery go hand in hand. And naturally, passengers are always on the lookout for their next bit of inspiration. You can capture their interest by putting together a blog post that provides a list and information on the amazing destinations that your ground transport business serves.

Does your coach tour company run an epic route across Europe? Why not create a blog post highlighting the cities along the way, and list the best activities to do in each location drawing inspiration from your intimate insider knowledge.

Travel inspiration lists

5. Brainstorm With Google

Google has a habit of predicting what you are going to search. Known as Autocomplete, this function takes into account real, common, and trending searches that take place. Based on the characters you enter, as well as your location and previous searches, it will then provide predictions for your search term which you can either select or ignore and continue typing. You might find that this presents phrases which can be turned into content topics.

To get some travel blog post ideas using this method, you could start typing in 5 Reasons Why Bus Travel… and then see what Google predicts for you. Alternatively, if this does not produce anything useful, browse the search results to see if any inspiration springs out at you.

6. Incorporate Video Into Your Posts

There are all sorts of statistics in favour of video, but one that caught our eye was the fact that nearly 54% of consumers want to see video content from a business or brand they support.

Therefore, from a marketing perspective, there is a strong motivation to include video in blog posts or on social platforms where it can function as shareable and inspiring content. An idea could be to create a reel which showcases the highlights of your city bus tour and then use this along with a write up on the daily itinerary as content to share.

Because video provides an interactive and immersive experience for the viewer once passengers get a visual of your tour this can spark interest and lead to ticket sales shooting up.

Ultimately, driving traffic to your website is key to selling tickets for your bus or rail company. By producing great content that adds value to your target audience, you can turn your blog into a tool that does exactly that.

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