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8 Travel & Mobility Conferences To Attend Around The Globe

Technology is rapidly driving change and innovation in the travel sector. That is why we have put together a list of the best travel and mobility conferences to attend around the world which will be showcasing what the global stage holds for the ground travel industry.

It is at top travel and mobility conferences like the ones listed below, that Betterez gets to sit at the table with players at the forefront of technology in the bus industry. Through dialogue, exhibitions, and networking, we learn about the latest innovations and step away with new partnerships and business ideas to re-imagine the future.

Top Travel & Mobility Conferences To Attend Around The Globe

1. Move Mobility Reimagined Event in London

The first edition of Move, held in early 2019, saw disruptors, technology, and industry stakeholders come together on a global stage set for engineers of the future. Betterez’s CEO, Tal Shalit, will be speaking at the event in February 2020 alongside C-Level Executives from Oxbotica, Lilium, HERE Mobility, Nauto, Electron, and many more.

Speakers and attendees tackle crucial issues of mobility, including ticketing, revenue and payments, MaaS, tech data and Innovation, as well as autonomous vehicles, head on to drive change.

Entrance Cost: £995 per person for a two-day premium conference and exhibition pass


Image from Move – Move Mobility 2019

2. ABA’s Marketplace in Omaha

Held annually in January, ABA’s Marketplace is North America’s biggest bus conference of the year. It’s a networking forum for buyers and sellers in the Coach Bus Industry. Tour operators, suppliers, and exhibitors schedule face to face meetings with pre-qualified participants in the market for business solutions.

In addition to the marketplace, speakers take to the stage to educate attendees on issues such as building a profitable brand, technology of sales, generating demand, and digital selling.

The upcoming event in 2020 will see the inaugural Busworld Academy North America gathering take place during the Marketplace. At this session, U.S. and international industry leaders, academics, and government leaders will plot the future of transportation in North America. Topics lining the schedule include electric buses, alternative fuels, future workforce, as well as autonomy and services, to mention a few.

Entrance Cost: Free for registered buyers. Sellers pay $1,695 for the five-day event


Image supplied by ABA – Marketplace network floor

3. Busworld Europe in Brussels

Busworld Europe started back in 1971 and is a highly anticipated industry event held every second year. It changed venues in 2019 and will be held in Brussels in October to ensure its sustainable growth and accessibility to exhibitors and attendees.

More than 37,000 delegates met with 376 exhibitors at the 2017 event. It is solely for bus and coach companies, and attendees can expect to meet industry stakeholders, public and private operators, manufacturers, suppliers, and academics to share knowledge of technology in the mobility sector.

Entrance Cost: Online tickets are 10€ per person for a day pass


Image from Flickr – Bus World Europe 2017

4. Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection APAC Conference in Singapore

Asia is home to some of the busiest public transport systems in the world. People who use these systems do so predominantly on mobile and pay via contactless bank card. This has driven the need for implementation of advanced fare collection systems to increase operational efficiency and lower costs.

Key players from the Asia-Pacific region gather at the annual Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection APAC Conference in October, to discuss developments, highlight the latest ABT ticketing systems, and showcase new technology opportunities.

Entrance Cost: SGD1,500 per delegate for the two-day event

5. Phocuswright Conference in Fort Lauderdale

Florida’s Phocuswright Conference, held annually in November, is an innovators playground. Attendees can expect to brush elbows with travel and technology industry hard hitters – this year’s speaker program includes the CEO’s of Phocuswright, Expedia Group, TripAdvisor, the Co-founder of Klook, and the Editor of Recode among others.

Each year there is a theme which drives debate and conversation among the speakers, exhibitors, and attendees. The aim is to discuss the latest in travel, Innovation, and technology, as well as build relationships within the industry. Participants leave the conference with big ideas intended to drive big changes.

Entrance Cost: Attendee tickets are $4,199 for a three-day conference


Image from Facebook – Phocuswright Conference 2018

6. Smarter Mobility Africa in Pretoria

Smarter Mobility Africa is a two day summit set to take in South Africa in October for the first time. The focus on the agenda for discussion is electrification. However, they will also discuss issues such as integration and deployment of clean mass transit for cities, and shared mobility.

Their mission is to create connected societies and understand that shared mobility has a part to play in that. Furthermore, they wish to join stakeholders from industry and the government so they can exchange ideas and information on how to achieve this.

Entrance Cost: ZAR6,500 for a two-day summit

7. LATAM Mobility Summit in Santiago De Chile

Latin America is highly urbanized and experiencing high levels of pollution and heavy traffic. The LATAM Mobility Summit is a product of the times and sees various strategic advisors gather throughout the year at various summits to discuss and develop initiatives which address the issues being faced. At the center of the conversation is public transport systems utilizing buses to promote sustainable mobility.

A bonus event that the LATAM industry can attend is Travel Forward in Sao Paulo. It is in the diary for March 2020 and will explore big data technologies, IT connectivity, and emerging AI, AR, and VR.

Entrance Cost: $199 for the one-day LATAM mobility summit. Prices not yet released for Travel Forward

LATAM-Mobility-Summit-in-Medellin 2019

Image from Facebook – LATAM Mobility Summit in Medellin 2019

8. Travel Tech Summit in Sydney

Technology and travel industry experts from the likes of, Expedia Group, Flight Centre, and Groupon are setting down in Sydney in December at the Travel Tech Summit. Here they will network, discuss innovative technology and business strategies relevant to the changing, data-driven industry.

Entrance Cost: AUS$3,495 for full access to the three-day event

At Betterez, we strive to be part of the global conversation driving change in the coach bus industry. That is why we attend many of the top travel technology conferences around the globe, for example, Collision, to be involved in laying the important technology groundwork.

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