Betterez’ NPS Shows Company’s Top Attributes Are Completeness of Product and Customer Service

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used and highly regarded measurement of customer satisfaction calculated based on the answer to a single question: How likely are you to recommend our company/service to a friend or colleague? 

Betterez recently asked this question to over 200 of its customer’s team members.

But first before Betterez’ results, a little more about NPS and why it’s important.

NPS serves as a business metric to help companies of all sizes to predict business growth. From an introspective point of view (internal company improvement initiatives), this scoring method also sets a common goal for the organization: to increase its score by earning more satisfied customers or put in NPS terminology ‘Promoters.’ 

Net Promoter Score Breakdown

If you aren’t familiar with NPS analysis, have a look at this article that explains it in more depth.

What were our NPS results?

First, we want to thank our customers for taking the time to fill up the survey!  We gained a valuable benchmark and feedback to help Betterez better serve our customers in sales & inventory management SaaS features and the correlating Customer Support.

One notable result is that nearly 50% of respondents scored Betterez as a 10, these customers being our top promoters. 

From the additional survey questions included, we saw that the two most valued characteristics for Betterez were Completeness of Inventory Management Product Features and post-go-live Customer Service. 

Specific feedback when asked to describe what Betterez does well, included:

  • “Great customer service, ease of use.”
  • “I can usually get help when I need it in short order.”
  • “Listen to needs in order to understand required functionality.”

Why Did Customers Score us a 9 or 10?

Respondents were asked to describe the primary reason for which they would recommend us. Here are some of the answers from ‘Promoters’: 

  • “Team was quick, thorough, professional, malleable, and pleasant to work with and came up with the right solution to our urgent need.”
  • “Helpful Staff, willingness to add new features.”
  • “Co-operation” 
  • ​​”Ease of use, functionality and pricing.”
  • “It is an effective system to use for capacity management and has allowed us to serve our customers more consistently.”

In this sense, Mike Van Horn, Senior VP at Betterez stated: “These results are exciting, our first formal NPS survey is a good foundation that makes us proud of our product and team.  We will continue to work hard every day to provide our customers with relevant and innovative bus industry features and the corresponding training and support.”

Betterez Support Page

“The additional survey questions and comments have given us a lot of insight on how to further ‘wow’ our customers.  We’re taking action on several initiatives right now and plan to release another survey likely in Q1 to measure the impact,” noted Van Horn.

For Betterez, the timing was right to conduct this NPS survey in view of the fact that during the pandemic, the company had to continue to support its customers in the hard-hit travel industry, yet also continue to enhance and support their SaaS.

The firm is planning to build on its score and the accompanying feedback to help Betterez continue to be the #1 Global “go-to,” true multi-tenant sales & inventory management SaaS in the scheduled bus segment.

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