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Grupo Senda and Betterez Launch New Reservation Platform, Creating a Blueprint for Enterprise Bus & Coach Legacy Migration

Toronto, Canada, February 11, 2020: Betterez, a Canadian-based travel technology platform re-inventing ticketing and reservations in the bus and coach industry, today announces the successful launch of Grupo Senda’s new reservation platform. Grupo Senda is one of Mexico’s largest transportation companies, moving over 70 million passengers annually across numerous business lines.

The journey began with Senda’s leadership team recognizing the need for a new business model, including further digitizing sales and marketing, enhancing inventory management, and improving pricing capabilities. Their key objectives were to enhance the customer experience, improve and automate business processes for internal efficiencies, and better position the company to take advantage of the developing Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) marketplace.

“All teams involved worked tirelessly to address the many opportunities and challenges during the implementation period, such as managing over a million pricing rules which included multiple currencies, increasing distribution across the country, and training a large, dispersed group of end-users,” said Tal Shalit, Founder & CEO of Betterez. “With a ‘go-live’ in October 2019, we were able to get the new reservation system up and running just before Mexico’s very demanding high season, which allowed them to start realizing benefits in a peak travel period.”

Betterez and Senda are now poised to continue to develop new and innovative Senda apps and integrations on the platform, helping Senda to further standout against competitors as well as drive internal efficiencies.

Grupo Senda travels to over 1,000 destinations across the US and Mexico and manages over 850 departures a day with a fleet of over 550 buses.

“The behind the scenes management and operations of our complex network was carried out on an old legacy system. We knew it would be a challenging migration, but maintaining the status quo posed a far greater risk,” said Adrian Soto Montemayor, Chief Information Officer of Grupo Senda. “We’ve completed our 60 day stabilization period and are already starting to see an improved experience for our customers. We built and are using several integrations with Betterez API’s such as Senda websales, partner sales channels, back-office systems, and our route/bus optimization system. As part of the next phase, we’ll roll out a bus-side scanning network to reduce fraud and improve ridership accuracy.”

The two companies have engaged in a 9-year agreement and are partnering on technical advancements such as the use of machine learning and AI to scale for peak usage while maintaining performance. Together through this partnership, Grupo Senda and Betterez look forward to becoming leaders in ticketing technology, helping the intercity bus and coach industry remain a vibrant travel option and be well-positioned to integrate with other modes of travel in MaaS offerings.


About Betterez
Betterez, founded in 2011, is helping intercity bus and coach operators transform their businesses through modern, ticketing and reservations software. The platform allows operators of all sizes to take advantage of the many growth and efficiency opportunities, enabling them to stay current with reservation features in a cost-effective, and sustainable way. Betterez’s offering includes an API-based platform that allows bus & coach operators and travel partners to build differentiating user experiences, applications, and integrations further improving their customer experiences, sales, distribution, operations, reconciliation, and data analysis.

About Grupo Senda
Grupo Senda, celebrating its 90th anniversary, is one of the largest intercity transportation companies in Mexico. It transports over 70 million passengers a year, operates 4 main companies, and employs more than 7,000 people across Mexico and the United States.