Top 5 Bus experiences Ever

While you can get almost anywhere by bus nowadays, some Bus experiences are better than others. On top of that, we recognize that certain places are just better to see by bus than any other mode of transportation. They provide good value, you don’t have to drive (so you can sit back, relax and take in all in) and they are often a great way to make the most of your time.

We’ve pulled together a list of the top 5 Bus experiences out there – and recapped them here:

Beijing “Bucket Life” Experience

One of the best coach tours we’ve come across is the “Bucket Life” Beijing experience. This incredible trip includes a visit to Tian’anmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. The experience will blow your mind and you’ll get to see everything from the comfort of an air-conditioned coach without having to organize multiple tours or meals. More info here.

Small Bus, Big Apple

For those visiting NYC, double-decker tours are a dime a dozen with some being better than others. Another tour that comes highly recommended is offered by Small Bus Tours NYC. They offer guided tours on smaller coaches where you can get to know your guide and driver, ask questions and see a ton of amazing sights in just a few hours. Check out the Premium 5.5 hour tour – you get the most bang for your buck with this one.

London’s Ghostly Tours

If you’re heading to London and looking for something a little different, the London Ghost Tour by vintage bus is a must. You’ll check out some of London’s most gothic and grizzly sites while traveling the city in a classic 1960s Routemaster (with a ghostly twist)!

The Road Trip Reimagined

Now if you’re looking for a rock-star experience (I mean who isn’t?) then this trip is for you. Roadies is a new service that provides travelers with bus tours on a fleet of luxury coaches designed for rock-stars and the newly-launched company is picking up steam. The Sunshine & Lights tour takes you to 6 amazing locations including LA, San Diego and Vegas, and you get to experience it from the comfort of a cool, fully decked-out bus. What could be better than this reimagined road trip experience?

Barcelona Nights

And if it’s nightlife you’re looking for, the Barcelona VIP Night Tour will be right up your alley. Your VIP coach will be equipped with music, a photographer, and hosts, and you’ll get to check out the best of the best in terms of Barcelona nightlife.

Bus tours are not what they used to be so get out there and let someone else take the wheel while you take it all in. If you’ve had an incredible bus journey, we would love to hear about it! Email