Top 5 Reasons to Modernize Your Systems Using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing solutions provide businesses with a competitive advantage. As Intel points out in a recent article, they give businesses agility and flexibility. One reason for that is because they can be updated on the fly. They can also empower your IT team to spend less time maintaining your systems and more time enhancing your business.

Cloud computing systems help you keep up with changing times and fast-paced advances in technology. They are remotely managed by experts which lets your team focus on your business. As a Top Travel Startup to Watch in 2018, we have seen this firsthand as we help our customers grow and expand their offerings.

Using a cloud-based system like Betterez  has many benefits. A system that can be rapidly and remotely updated with minimal management effort on your end, can help your business grow. Here’s a look at some of the benefits here:

Reducing costs and inefficiencies

A cloud-based system gives you the benefit of an array of products and services. These services may not otherwise be available to you on a cost-effective scale, as discussed in TechGenYZ. Cloud systems are maintained remotely so businesses can spend less time and resources managing their systems and more time enhancing their business.

Allowing for scalability and rapid deployment

Cloud-native technologies have taken off in the last year as noted in Computing. They have the ability to scale and deploy rapidly. As your company grows, you’ll need the ability to upgrade your systems quickly. Cloud solutions can make this process smooth and simple.

Boosting innovation

Optimization on Pocket Watch Face with Close View of Watch Mechanism. Time Concept. Vintage Effect.As discussed here in InfoWorld, innovation in the cloud seems to have surpassed innovation in on-premise technologies. Machine-learning is one reason for that. Furthermore, many organizations like ours offer enhancements on the go as they build out a variety of upgrades and tools for their customers. In this instance, you may even end up with features that you didn’t know existed. It’s these features that may enhance your business beyond what you could have ever imagined.

Improving your customer experience

Deploying a cloud-based system can help improve your customer experience offerings in a variety of ways, too. For example, it gives you the ability to offer on-demand access to products and services as well as the ability to offer more personalization and customization tools.

Gaining an edge over competitors by empowering your IT team

As discussed in IT World Canada, working in the cloud empowers IT staff to become a major contributor rather than simply serving the business. As many of our clients have experienced before upgrading to a cloud system, their IT staff spend much of their day patching up DIY systems. This can often result in a big waste of time and resources. With cloud computing, your IT team can take on more – and can spend more time creating solutions rather than fixing problems.

Act Short Term, Think Long Term

The temptation of Do It Yourself systems and implementations still gives some organizations the perception that they have more control and will be able to do things better themselves. In practice, the real cost of building features is rarely only the upfront cost, but is also the cost over 5, 10, and 15 year increments. By leveraging an off-the-shelf system, the business can keep these maintenance costs in check, and if necessary, can build extensions to the cloud software by integrating to its APIs rather than building everything from scratch.

The cloud computing market is expected to grow as companies realize the benefits it can offer. Make sure you’re in the know and that you are taking advantage of it before it’s too late!