Helping Cold Shot Fill the Routes that Greyhound Left Behind


On October 31, 2018, Greyhound officially pulled service from Western Canada leaving many residents of rural Canadian cities without access to bus transportation.

Citing decreased ridership and increased expenses, Greyhound reported that many routes in Western Canada were no longer viable. It had previously cut routes in northern British Columbia and these further cuts posed even more problems for many remote Canadian communities that so heavily rely on public transportation.

Enter Cold Shot.

Edmonton-based Cold Shot became a Betterez customer in September of 2018, and we helped the company quickly ramp up for Greyhound’s departure. Cold Shot had previously been contracted out to service several of Greyhound’s routes in Western Canada but it was now taking over management of these routes and needed its own plan to connect them and a way to offer customers a user-friendly ticketing experience.

Cold Shot was in need of an online ticketing system and Betterez was the perfect fit.

“We needed a system that would help us centralize our disparate routes, give our customers a better ticketing experience and help us ensure profitability as we expanded our services in Western Canada,” says Sunny Balwaria, President, Cold Shot. “We were really impressed by the Betterez platform and were able to get it up in running in a matter of weeks. It has really transformed our businesses and we look forward to working with the Betterez team to add even more value to our business over the coming months.”

The Betterez ticketing and management platform is now helping Cold Shot expand its services and reach more people. It is also helping Cold Shot launch a loyalty program as an incentive to draw in more customers.

What’s more is that this was all set up in a matter of weeks, one of the many benefits of the Betterez solution.

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