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Revving Up Revenue: How Innovative Software Solutions Can Help Bus Operators Drive New Business

At Betterez, our passion for Bus & Motorcoach as a more widely used mode of travel keeps growing. Bus travel is green, safe, and cost-effective. Inter-city travel gets the bulk of the press, as it probably should, given for example its high positive impact on the reduction of carbon footprints for individual travelers.

But there is a subset of the scheduled Bus segment, which Betterez terms “shuttles,” where we see a lot of opportunity for private Bus Operators to partner with Software providers to win new business.

Business development for such shuttle services can be formal in a Request for Proposal (RFP) or pure demand generation by your sales staff. Regardless of the opportunity channel, your selected Software provider can add value early and often to help you win; from pricing of the software to meet your business case, to providing written content to your proposal, to demonstrating the software to your end customer, and much more. 

End customers can be any number of entities, schools, casinos, airports, and employers just to name a few. Take for example Windstar Lines recently launched Redbird Express, a product to transport fans to/from Saint Louis Cardinals home baseball games. In providing this service, Windstar is utilizing Betterez’ Sales & Inventory Management SaaS (IMS) to support online and bus-side sales, schedule and capacity management, and reporting.

Previously, the shuttle service was provided by St. Clair County Transit District and Metro St. Louis, but Windstar conducted a successful business development process to be able to provide this service going forward, which will take passengers from Fairview Heights, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri to see the Cardinals. With 79 home games, before any playoffs, Windstar will be operating 1,400+ schedules! All managed in Betterez, with tickets starting at $15 for a roundtrip.

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Bus and coach companies have a huge opportunity in the market to conduct business development, with Windstar’s Redbird Express as a prime example. By partnering early and closely with the right software provider, these companies can win new business, provide excellent customer experiences, and use data analysis to continuously improve their services.

What’s your next Motorcoach or Shuttle service business development idea or RFP?

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